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Pitch@School Features

The Pitch@School programme is a flexible 6-week online course with onsite workshops, training and extracurricular activities where students learn from entrepreneurs, mentors and industry experts to develop and deliver a winning pitch.


Dedicated Coaches and Mentors

Each school is assigned a coach to customize the training according to the needs of your students 

Our coaches provide both online support with onsite workshops and training in consultation with teachers to help students progress and set up school mentoring programmes to help the teams refine their pitch-decks 

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Workshops & Hands-on Experiences.

Workshops and training with hands-on activities for students to practice & sharpen their logical & critical thinking skills

Students work in teams to pitch solutions to problems by preparing and presenting their pitch decks. Judges will evaluate how they have applied what they have learned and undergone in solving problems.

Entrepreneurship Talks

Students learn from entrepreneurs, industry experts, startups and business founders.

Students and teachers can participate in regular talks to interact and gain insights into real-life challenges from different speakers, each with their unique stories, experiences and lessons learned from the failures and successes of their entrepreneurial journeys.

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Pitching Competitions

Students get real-life pitching experiences. Pitch@School organizes two competitions at the end of each Thai school semester, the Inter-school semi-final and the Grand final Competition.  

The competitions are organized in collaboration with Chulalongkorn School of Integrated Innovation (Scii) Chulalongkorn University, Global Entrepreneurship Network partners, and Vajiravudh College. Ten finalist teams are selected from the inter-school semi-finals to compete at the Grand Finals. Winning teams will also have opportunities to compete at regional and international competitions affiliated with Pitch@School's global network.

Certificates with School Logos

Every student who completes the 6-weeks online Course will receive a Certificate of Completion with their School logo.

Students from winning teams are presented with Certificates of Excellence in recognition of their achievements..



Extracurricular Activities with Global Affiliation

Educators and Students can participate in Pitch@School extracurricular activities.

Pitch@School's affiliation with the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) gives access to vast global resources and numerous international programmes and activities.

We offer unique learning experiences with events like startup experience workshops, entrepreneurship boot camps, field trips,  study tours, international Students Startup Pairing Programme, international exchange programmes and many more. 


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Monitor and Guide Students' Progress

Personalized Attention for Every Student and Team.

Schools receive monthly analytics reports to help monitor the progress of each student doing the Online Course which allows educators and mentors to manage the progress of team members to prepare them for Pitch Day.


Teachers' Networking Activities

Honouring Teachers and Mentors. 

We recognize the achievements, sacrifices and contributions of teachers and mentors at networking events meeting with entrepreneurs and industry experts to learn and share ways to better educate and empower future generations.

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