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Mentoring a Team



Mentorship is an important part of the Pitch@School experience. Many successful entrepreneurs owed their successes to mentors who have guided them through the ups and downs of starting a business. We seek to do the same for students participating in the Pitch@School Program as it is important that students get an insight into experiencing the workings of the entrepreneurial mindset. 

Students will get the opportunity to learn from mentors who are experienced in startups, entrepreneurship, and a diverse range of industries. Mentors will be able to give back to society by sharing their knowledge and advice with young, aspiring and entrepreneurial-minded students.

​Schools need a diverse group of mentors. We encourage schools to invite mentors through their school alumni from a variety of backgrounds: marketing, technical, design, product managers, operations, co-founders, business owners, etc.

Seek to balance diversity and gender with skill-sets in your mentors. Students will mostly be meeting their mentors over online chats, video calls and on occasions, face to face.

Mentoring Tips

Here are some tips for you as a mentor:

  •  Your team is looking to you for advice and guidance. Do your best to make yourself available to help your team and enjoy your time as a mentor.

  •  Your team is very interested to learn from your personal experiences, the highs and the lows. We encourage you to share your personal entrepreneurial experience and journey candidly and openly. This is what makes you, a mentor, more authentic and relatable than a generic YouTube video or an online course 

  • As a mentor, you will have access to your team’s work. This includes their slides and any work-in-progress materials. Make good use of this by adding comments directly in the documents, slides, or boards. We encourage you to do this before and during meetings.

  • Focus the discussion on your team’s obstacles and outcomes. Offer actionable steps they can take, to overcome these obstacles. Entrepreneurship is challenging and yet so fulfilling. Inspire your team with your stories and encourage them to do their very best!

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